(An hour and 30min @ 50)

Get a touch up for a long-lasting style by getting 2 rows around the perimeter of your hair.

Available for all services

Require 2 packs of hair used for your first appointment.


  • Moisture braided hair daily with a mixture of water and your favourite leave-in conditioner and your essential oils
  • Relieve dry scalp by applying a light oil or hair food to your scalp
  • Message your scalp daily for blood flow. Be gentle and apply light circular motion
  • Keep braids installed for 4-6 weeks. Do not keep braids no longer than 2 months
  • Protect your braids while you sleep at night by covering hair with a satin cap or headscarf
  • Minimize tension and hairline breakage by avoiding over manipulation of braids (especially the first week). Also avoid constant changes in hair styles.
  • Wash braided hair a minimum of once every 2 weeks (optional). Avoid “roughing up” your braids in the process.
  • Redo the braids in tour hairline after 3 weeks to freshen up your hair style and prevent new-growth hair in your edges for, hanging on thin strands.


  • Does my deposit go toward my service?

-Yes, it does

  • What hair should I buy / and how much for your service

-The brand of each hair is listed in our “RECOMMENDED HAIR” above as well as pricing for each service 

  • Is hair included in the service

-No, it not. We do not provide hair (we suggest all our clients purchase their hair for their specific chosen style.

  • How long can I keep my braids in for?

-Braids installed should be kept in for 4-6 weeks but no longer than 2 months

  • How long does my hair needs to be for you to be able to braid it?

-if your hair is at least 4 inches you can get any style we offer.  Also, hair less than 4 inches long cant get any style but can still be grip

  • How long does it take to get my hair braided?

-The duration of each service depends on the length of your hair, hair density, parting, and size of clients’ head and the size of the chosen style.

  • When do I need a touch up?

-Redo your hairline after 3 weeks to freshen up your hair and prevent new- growth hair on your edges